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Gary Antier

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Gary Antier is the first born of Lorena & Eduardo Antier. He studied BSICT on Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus and graduated as magna cum laude on May 2019. He is currently a full-time employee in Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

Personal Bio.

Full Name Gary D. Antier
Birthdate ---. --, ----
Gender Male
Civil Status Single
Relationship Status In a Relationship

Life Events

---. --, ---- Welcome to the world!
---- - 2011 Childhood/Primary education
2011 Graduated primary educ. in Sabang Elementary School
Enrolled to secondary educ. @ Sibonga National Highschool
2012 Discovered "Inspect Element" in Google Chrome, the birth of my passion on programming
2011 - 2015 Secondary education/Beginner web. dev. journey
2015 Graduated secondary educ. in Sibonga National Highschool
Enrolled to college @ Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus (BSICT)
2018 Internship @ RAFI - Microfinance
2015 - 2019 College education/Basic programming
Feb. 27, 2019 Cadetship @ RAFI
May 22, 2019 Graduated college educ. as magna cum laude in Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus (BSICT)
May 27, 2019 Employed @ RAFI
Jul. 16, 2023 Chief Technology Officer - NSites Inc.

Job Description


Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.


Software Developer


May 27, 2019 — Present

Programming Milestones

2012-2015 Beginner HTML & CSS
2015-2018 Basic HTML & CSS
Beginner JavaScript
Beginner PHP
Beginner MySQL
Beginner C++
2018-2019 Basic JavaScript
Basic PHP
Beginner C# (ASP.Net)
Beginner MS SQL
2019 (1-2 Q.) Intermediate HTML & CSS
Intermediate JavaScript
Basic C#
Basic MS SQL
2019 (3-4 Q.) Intermediate C#
Intermediate MS SQL