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Gary Antier is born on December 31, 1998 of parents' Lorena & Eduardo Antier. He studied BSICT on Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus and graduated as magna cum laude on the 22nd of May 2019. He is currently a full-time employee in Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

Personal Bio.

Full Name Gary D. Antier
Birthdate Dec. 31, 1998
Gender Male
Civil Status Single
Relationship Status Single

Life Events

Dec. 31, 1998 Welcome to the world!
1999-2011 Childhood/Primary education
2011 Graduated primary educ. in Sabang Elementary School
Enrolled to secondary educ. @ Sibonga National Highschool
2012 Discovered "Inspect Element" in Google Chrome, the birth of my passion on programming
2011-2015 Secondary education/Beginner web. dev. journey
2015 Graduated secondary educ. in Sibonga National Highschool
Enrolled to college @ Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus (BSICT)
2018 Internship @ RAFI - Microfinance
2015-2019 College education/Basic programming
Feb. 27, 2019 Cadetship @ RAFI
May 22, 2019 Graduated college educ. as magna cum laude in Cebu Technological University - Argao Campus (BSICT)
May 27, 2019 Employed @ RAFI

Job Description


Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.


Software Developer


May 27, 2019 — Present

Programming Milestones

2012-2015 Beginner HTML & CSS
2015-2018 Basic HTML & CSS
Beginner JavaScript
Beginner PHP
Beginner MySQL
Beginner C++
2018-2019 Basic JavaScript
Basic PHP
Beginner C# (ASP.Net)
Beginner MS SQL
2019 (1-2 Q.) Intermediate HTML & CSS
Intermediate JavaScript
Basic C#
Basic MS SQL
2019 (3-4 Q.) Intermediate C#
Intermediate MS SQL
Here is a link for my development notes, etc.